GoldReward Looking To Take Over The Lending Landscape

GoldReward is a great project that is looking to make some of us early investors rich. GoldReward is releasing their new ICO in just a few days and to get into this initial coin offering, you will have to make use of their brand new startling platform.

We saw this article answering whether Goldreward scam was real or not, and in our opinion this brand new and exciting idea is not a scam at all.

By using their CATA-E trading bot you are able to make 1.5% a day and this is not something new to the crypto world, however it is when the coin offering is priced so cheaply.

The cryptocurrency ecosystem depends on projects such as GoldReward, EthConnect and PolyNetwork to become the best they can. If we don’t see a thriving economy with these kind of projects then we won’t see the market grow.

Bitcoin has currency pioneered the industry into a 200 billion dollar market capitalisation, and although this is a great feat, we want to see the market cap grow from 200 billion to 4 trillion. If real estate, equities and stocks are priced at over 100x the current crypto market then we know that there is tons of growth.

Many of my friends are asking if GoldReward is some type of pyramid or ponzi scheme, well from all of the evidence I have gathered, and by browsing and researching their website, I can see that the project uses a trading bot to make money rather than a ponzi scheme.

The referral scheme does look rather sketchy, and some people may be relating this to a pyramid scheme, however I can tell all my readers that you are perfectly safe buying this.

To make sure you get into the ICO round 3 check out the website and see what you can find!

We hope you can make great returns, Happy investing!